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Last updated on Sep 22 at 08:35pm AEST

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Location — Guam (APAC Central)
Network — IP Backbone
Network — Guam <-> Tokyo
Network — Guam <-> Hong Kong
Network — Hong Kong <-> Tokyo
Network — Guam <-> Singapore
Network — Guam <-> Los Angeles
Network — Guam <-> Sunshine Coast
Network — Guam <-> Brisbane
Network — Guam <-> Sydney
Network — Brisbane <-> Sydney
Network — Sydney <-> Melbourne

Previous incidents

Sep 22, 2023

Increased latency between Guam and Hong Kong due to an extended cable cut


Updated Aug 16 at 04:08am AEST

The cable provider has indicated that the cable repairs are completed, but we are still unable to route traffic directly between Hong Kong and Guam. All traffic continues to be routed via Tokyo resulting in increased latency. There is currently no ETR for this outage.

2 previous updates

Reachability issues to resources in Guam for some networks


Updated Jul 18 at 04:59pm AEST

Connectivity restored

7 previous updates

Submarine Cable Provider Maintenance


Maintenance Sep 17 at 09:00am AEST

Our upstream cable provider between Guam and Tokyo will be performing maintenance. The provider does not expect impact from the maintenance due to the nature of the work but we will be monitoring closely during the window.